Monday, March 29, 2010

What a week this has been

Well, I have to say this week hasn't been as good as I thought it would be.

I did bumpkis towards my thesis, I haven't lost any weight despite working out for at least 45 minutes everyday and altering my diet (albeit it slightly, but I know I need to take smaller steps in regards to food), and Kentucky lost in the Elite Eight so I'm not going to the Final Four.

Okay, that's the negative... Here's the positive outlook!

While I haven't lost any weight, I can definitely feel the workouts working. My abs are crazy sore, and I'm just starting to feel better overall. Yes, I do need to make more alterations to my diet apparently to start to see real weight loss begin, but I feel like I at least have the momentum.

Yes, Kentucky lost but I have to admit I'm okay with not going to the Final Four as I had previously planned. I honestly can't afford it. I bought my plane ticket using miles, but I was going to fly into Louisville which meant a car rental and then of course the hotel and meals were going to add up. So, instead I'm selling my tickets which have already paid for themselves and I am going to make a few bucks on them as well, and I am still going to go home for a long weekend which just happens to be Easter and close enough to my Mom's birthday that we are going to celebrate early. It will actually be a really nice weekend!

There isn't really a positive way to spin my lack of motivation on my thesis. I just can't seem to get my butt in gear. I think a big problem comes with the fact that I'm unfocused about what I even want to discuss. Granted I've been given some helpful tips to narrow that down, but I still am having a difficult time just getting my butt to the library!

OH! And another positive thing that happened this week was that I had a job interview. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will talk more about it if I get it.

Well, that was my last week and here's to hoping this coming week will be decent. Maybe I can finally get to Home Depot, although that might be unlikely. It's supposed to rain hard all week and I have a feeling it will keep me indoors more than it should.

Alright, this is Maia. Over and out.

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